Lavender 100% Home Fragrance Spray


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With an exquisite blend of pure organic essential oils that offer aromatherapy values. A non-aerosol deodorizer that refreshes your car, linen and anywhere you want to mask odor and purify the air.

MOOD ENHANCEMENT: Immensely pleasant natural floral scent for uplifting spirits and invigorating the mind. Try this Lavender Linen Spray before sleep to help relax the mind and body

ODOR ELIMINATOR AND SANITATION: Refreshing smell that will not only eliminate odors and microbials including bacteria, but also helps to ward off pests and insects including, flies, fleas, bedbugs, and spiders without leaving harsh chemicals behind

HAND BLENDED: Each bottle of Lavender Room Spray is produced from a hand blended small batch using pure and of the highest quality essential oils

ROOM SPRAY RECOMMENDED PLACES OF USE: bathrooms, cars, boats, linens, pillows, mattresses, bed sheets, clothing, furniture, offices, yoga mats and studios

FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Use this Lavender Pillow Spray air freshener anytime from morning to night to create a relaxing and sleep inducing environment