Organic Micro Peeling Oil 4 oz




Organic Micro Peeling Oil 4 oz


What is Micropeel for skincare?

This mild peeling oil can be used daily for am and pm care and please make sure you protect your skin from direct sun.. Test patch your skin for irritation etc.

The outcomes which can be realized with the aid of skin care usually are improved and expedited by the micropeel.

Micro skin peel is the least heavy of all chemical peels. It assist the skin to become smoother and gentler, enhance appearance, reduce pore size and discoloration. Furthermore a noticeable difference in fine facial lines is attainable.

Essentially a gentle chemical exfoliator, it’s formula  contains enzymes that are able to speed up your skin’s cellular turnover to reveal a brighter, fresher-looking skin. Help you get rid of dark spot and also enhances your moisturizer.


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