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Sha’s Creation Organic 911 Facial Cream 4oz One of the most important steps in any skincare routine is applying a facial moisturizer correctly. Moisturizers work to hydrate the skin and prevent water loss, which can lead to dryness, flaking, and dullness. When applied correctly, moisturizers create a protective barrier on the surface of the skin that locks in hydration and keeps environmental aggressors out.

To apply a Sha’s Creation Organic 911 Facial Cream 4oz correctly, start by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser. Next, apply a dime-sized amount of cream to your face and neck, using upward and outward motions. Be sure to avoid the sensitive eye area. Allow the cream to absorb for a few minutes before applying makeup or sunscreen.

Why is proper skin care crucial?

For the following reasons, taking care of your skin is essential:

You shed skin cells throughout the day, so it’s crucial to keep your skin shining and in good shape. This helps your skin stay healthy. An efficient routine may repair wrinkles, prevent acne, and keep your skin looking great.
Your skin will appear younger: The slower cell turnover that occurs with aging gives you duller, less vibrant skin. In order for your body to produce newer, younger skin cells, using a high-quality skin care line can assist remove dead skin cells.
It is simpler to prevent than to correct: It is simpler and less expensive to prevent skin issues than to try and treat them once they arise.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Sha’s Creation Organic 911 Facial Cream 4oz

  1. angelbelle68

    I have been using Sha’s Creation products for years and love the products. I use the 911 Facial Cream for a daily moisturizer and it keeps my skin clear and smooth.

  2. KristyHoney92 (verified owner)

    I was in the market for a facial cream that wouldn’t break out for me and I stumbled on Sha’s Creation Organic 911 Facial Cream 4oz. I have very sensitive skin and this cream has made a world of a difference for me. I have been using this for a week now and have been so impressed with it. It has a light, soothing scent and is very soothing. I love that it doesn’t break me out and I love the fact that it smells so good. I’ve

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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