Sha’s Creations Deluxe Skin toning, brightening, glowing and radianting Kit


Two free organic soap with this order



In this package you will receive 4 powerful soaps, 2 effective serums, 1 SKIN TONING cream.

  • Sadd’s SPECIAL blend soap: complexion and discoloration toning soap to gently clean your skin.
  • Sha’s Kojic San Soap: used for dark spots, such as sun damage, scars, and age spots.
  • Sha’s lemon Soap: used to blend your skin to one tone over time.
  • Sha’s Organic Papaya soap: Promotes skin repair, regenerate damaged epidermis, glowing and gives you radiant skin.
  • Sha’s Hyaluronic acid Serum: brightening and repairs damaged epidermal cells, promotes moisture, absorption ability restores firmness and elasticity.

Sha’s Brightening and glowing serum: brightens, reduces the appearance of dark spots. Age spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, melasma, promotes epithelial cell growth, provide nutrient to promote regeneration of skin normalcy, balance, brings out the best in your skin’s process.

Sha’s toning cream or lotion we believe in working on your whole body so we have included this product to deeply treat and improve your skin texture, help moisture, capture you’re the radiance, brightness, and glow of your own natural skin.

This skin correctional kit is composed of all natural high-performance formula that combines the most powerful skin-clarifying ingredient at the highest level available without a prescription with a targeted skin-brightening blend to tone, enhance and promote epidermis regeneration, and promote healthier epidermis.

This regimen has a full 30-day supply to reduce dark patches, dark spots, sun, genetics, hormones,brightening and glowing and inflammation. Each product in the regimen gives you a tone of skin that will overtime be healthy.

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