Sha’s Natural Pearl Radiant Glowing Cream




Nourish your skin with antiaging, Brightens the skin complexation by hydrating it without making it dry and patchy. Evens tone skin, fades dark spots, rejuvenate your skin, solution for all skin problems with no side effects. An advanced multi vitamin and natural ingredients that removes pimples, under eye circle and blemishes.

Sha’s Natural Pearl Radiant glowing cream for skin brighten radiant and glow with glutathione, kojic acid, arbutin, vitamin C and green tea with added sunscreen. 500 ML

Ingredients: Pearl active essence, ampelosis radix, smilax china, bletilla, atractylodes, cynanchum otophyllum, angelica extract, mulberry bark extract, clove flower extract, Arbutin, glutathione, kojic acid, green tea, water, glycerin, and lots more.

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