Direction: Wash face and body thoroughly
with the Whitening Powder Wash, pat dry
then prime the skin with the Spot
Deactivating Melanin Blocker Serum up to
3 coats prior to using the WhiteSkin
oil over any sensitive area prior to use.


Storage: Store in room temperature, away
from the reach of children Irritation may
occur in sensitive skin. Avoid contact with
the eyes and excessive sun exposure. Not
recommended for use in treating any
medical condition.

INCI: Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid,
Aloin, Vanillic acid, Vegetable glycerin,
Hydroxycinnamic acid, Ursolic acid, Mequinol,
Ferulic acid, Retinoic acid, Melanostatin,
Melanin inhibiting Factor-1, Phloretin, Rosehip
hydrosol, Vitamin E, Optiphen.


Indication: Black spot deactivating serum


Warning: Our products are highly
concentrated, sensitive skin may feel slight
tingling sensation, this is normal. Add one
or two drops of olive oil to the dispensed
product on your palm prior to application
to calm the irritation.

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