Creating, crafting, sewing, being domestic, whatever you may call it has always been part of my life., It started when I was little. My mom sewed a lot of our clothes, did a lot of hand work as she will say it, needle point, crafts. She see’s it she can duplicate it with no pattern. That was the kind of the household I grew up in; she will say a woman’s hands should always be occupied. You have to also know that she is my mentor, my role model. . Taking home Economics, Arts in high school, made an impact on my life I was making clothes in high. As a young adult getting into embroidery , needle point, and other crafty things. Then came the candles, and now here we are, I’ve kind of been a work in progress doing all my whole life!

This branding out is really the push of my Nieces (Neneh Mansaray), (Hawah Jalloh -Jamboria), and mother/sister Haja Mariam Khadar who keeps saying I do not know the value of my work. My husband Sadd Bangurah who believes in everything I do and my better half. My children who give me up for my work….Alan, Aaliyah, Abdul, Farid, Hameed, Hakeed. Allah know best and is above all the best of creations, the creator, the sustainer, the knower, and may he put Baraka in this.

In the process of my humble show of my affection of what I love to do, please help this student in whatever way you want to by sending me an email. Our blog should be up soon………………………………………!



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