Raised bumps, white heads, hair bumps package


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In this package you will receive 3 powerful soaps, 2 effective serums

Sha’s Kojic San Soap: used for dark spots, such as sun damage, scars, and age spots.
Sha’s Skin Secret: dark spots, skin tone, pigmentation, clearer over time.
Sha’s lemon Soap: used to blend your skin to one tone over time.
Sha’s EGF serum: Promotes skin repair, regenerate damaged epidermis, etc.
Sha’s collagen serum: promotes the production of collagen, repairs the skin

This skin correctional kit is composed of all natural high-performance formula that combines the most powerful skin-clarifying ingredient at the highest level available without a prescription with a targeted focus to reduce raised bumps, inflammations, enhance and promote epidermis regeneration, and promote healthier epidermis.

This regimen has a full 30-day supply.